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Silvana Gargiulo, Nina Dimitri, Foto: Jean Daniel von Lerber

Concerto Rumoristico
With Silvana Gargiulo and Nina Dimitri

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Uproarious comedy. Musical buffoonery: a comic act in which one person speaks and sings while the other remains silent and plays the piano. The pianist (Silvana Gargiulo) has a nervous disposition. Intimidated by the temperamental singer (Nina Dimitri), she is unable to accompany the singer’s fiery Bolivian songs as she requires. By now the audience is expecting something disastrous to happen. And they are not wrong. But then this mutual incomprehension is unexpectedly transformed into a deep and warm affinity. “Music and comedy are our world” confess Concerto Rumoristico’s dual protagonists. “For us, these are two of life’s essentials. And we’ve found a way to unite them. We turn a concert into a conflict. But we find our way out again – through affection.”

Tickets: Band A €35/ B €29/ C €22; box seats €45
Student Club, children and young people: A €18 / B €15 / C €10

or Combi-ticket: (Concerto Rumoristico on 29th September 2018 & La Famiglia Dimitri on 30th September 2018):Band A €60/ B €49/ C €38; box seats €70
Student Club, children and young people: A €28 / B €22 / C €15

  • Director: Ueli Bichsel
  • Performer: Nina Dimitri
  • Performer: Silvana Gargiulo