Musik & Theater

Così fan tutte
An opera by W.A. Mozart / a production of the Konservatorium Wien University

* abgespielt

A comic opera in two acts
Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte
Performed in Italian

This turbulent musical comedy from the pen of the great master Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is this year’s major production from the students of the Masters course in Opera.

Following a wager with their friend Alfonso, Ferrando and Guglielmo decide to put their fiancées’ faithfulness to the test. They pretend to set off to war – then they return in disguise, so each can lead his friend’s true love astray. In this they are aided by Despina, maid to both ladies. After some initial hesitation the women begin to weaken. Don Alfonso sees himself as the winner, and this he asserts with the claim “Così fan tutte – that’s how they all behave”. After it has been revealed that it was all a game, the couples have to forgive their partners – but they have very mixed feelings.


  • director and overall artistic director: Michael Pinkerton
  • assistant director and production manager: Stefanie Kopinits
  • musical director: Erich Polz
  • musical Supervision: Alfred Eschwé
  • musical Supervision: Georg Mark