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Csaba Horváth – Marcell Dargay: Away, No Matter Where
Theatre performance with music based on Monteverdi’s piece ’The Duel between Tancred and Clorinda’ and the writings of Sándor Tar

* abgespielt

A production by Forte Company – Trafó House of Contemporary Arts – Armel Opera Festival, Hungary.

The piece is based on Claudio Monteverdi’s 1638 scena when the Crusader knight Tancred fights Clorinda, the pagan girl to a tragic ending. The theatre play uses the instruments of physical theatre and music to futher explore the timeless morale of the story and the dramatic situation. Equal emphasis is laid on the classical sound articulation of opera singers, the more simple and natural singing of actors and the static and dynamic possibilities of stage situations arising from the interaction of prose manifestations and bodies. The mixture of different languages (Italian, Hungarian) further increases the dramatic effect. The performance is not an adaptation, transcription or a recasting, but an entirely new and independent stage piece. In the musical aspect of the piece an important role goes to certain elements of contemporary music as well as to the cross-talk between the writings of Tasso and Sándor Tar chosen as literal base of the piece.

The piece is a co-operation between the famous Hungarian composer Marcell Dargay, the Hungarian director-coreographer, Csaba Horváth (leader of Forte Company), the artists of Forte Company, two opera singers and the Metrum Ensemble with Lajos Rozmán, musical director. Csaba Horváth’s first opera direction can be seen at MuTh theatre in Vienna, exactly at the 30th anniversary of the change of the political system in Hungary. In Autumn, the production will also be performed in Budapest at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.

  • Opera singer: Zoltán Megyesi
  • Opera singer: Anna Molár
  • With: Metrum Ensemble
  • pf: Marcell Dargay
  • va: Éva Farkas
  • fl: Anna Rákóczy
  • fl: Anna Petrovics
  • vc: Balázs Kántor
  • perc: Benedek Tóth
  • db: Ernö Hock
  • Musical Director: Lajos Rozmán
  • Composer: Marcell Dargay
  • Text: Csaba Horváth
  • Text: Nóra Földeáki
  • Costumes: Mari Benedek
  • Lights: Ferenc Payer
  • Production Manager: Anna Kudron
  • Producion Manager: Szandra Nádasdi
  • Production Manager for Metrum Ensemble: Katalin György
  • Assistant Director: Franciska Stangl
  • Director: Csaba Horváth