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Die Strottern und Peter Ahorner Die Strottern und Peter Ahorner, Foto: Peter Mayr

Das Beste zum Schluss (Leaving the best ‘til last): The Strotters and Peter Ahorner
New Year's Eve in true Vienna style

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Will you be sitting in front of the television on New Year’s Eve? You deserve something better than that! Or following the usual New Year’s bad habits, and having a few drinks? Well, be careful – amateurs like a drink on this day too! Or are you going to dress up as a postman or a chimney sweep, just because you don’t like tipping decent people? Of course not – we trust you! So how does every year end in Vienna? With “Die Fledermaus”. And how does every year begin on every continent? With a New Year Concert! And we dare anyone to say that Vienna is not the centre of the world…

After all, Vienna is famous far and wide. And we have so many stars … even the word Strottern , contains the word “Stern”, or star! The Strotters (Klemens Lendl & David Müller) play music which conjures up the rainbow colours of this city, music which turns on the lights and fires up the heart. Meanwhile, Peter Ahorner speaks candidly about how it feels to live here, in this city, among the candy-floss pink — and the darker shades too. Here’s the finest resolution you can make for the last day of the old year: head to the MuTh to see the Strotters and Peter Ahorner! Your waltzes will be better than ever!

And to all you fireworks fanatics: Remember: Silvester, as we call New Year’s here, is also the patron saint of pets!


Tickets: Band A €55/ B €50/ C €45; box seats €65

  • Recitation and vocals: Peter Ahorner
  • The Strotters: Die Strottern
  • Violin and vocals: Klemens Lendl
  • Guitar and vocals: David Müller