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Das Beste zum Schluss, Foto: O. Jankovich

Das Beste zum Schluss (Leaving the best ‘til last) 2019
Enjoy New Year in the company of Resetarits, Schorn, Breinschmid, Riihimäki and the Strotters

Matthias Schorn transcends genre boundaries as we make our way from one year to the next. On the final day of 2019, together with his musical companions, the Vienna Philharmonic’s solo clarinettist demonstrates that he is not a great fan of musical pigeonholing. With him are five kindred musical spirits — Willi Resetarits,
legendary singer and human rights activist; Georg Breinschmid, a.k.a. “the finest double bass player in Vienna — and the world”; Jarkko Riihimäki, the fiery Finnish tango pianist; and the Strotters duo, who perform Wienerlieder. “The future is better than its reputation”, goes the old saying. And, as the six musicians shepherd their audience into the New Year, it seems a very appropriate toast. In fact — let’s all drink to that!

Tickets: Band A €55/ B €50/ C €45; box seats €65

  • Vocals: Willi Resetarits
  • Clarinet & Percussion: Matthias Schorn
  • Double Bass & Vocals: Georg Breinschmid
  • Piano: Jarkko Riihimäki
  • Duo: Die Strottern
  • Violin & Vocals: Klemens Lendl
  • Guitar, Musical Saw, Vocals: David Müller