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Das Zauberwort, Foto: Lukas Beck Das Zauberwort, Foto: Lukas Beck

Das Zauberwort (The Magic Word – in German)
A Singspiel by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, based on the fairy tale “Caliph Stork”.

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger’s “Zauberwort” is an entertaining Singspiel for children. Its themes are understanding and responsibility. Caliph Chasid of Baghdad is a very proud man. He and his Chief Vizier are magically transformed into storks. They can only be rescued by using a magic word — and they’ve forgotten it! Can the Caliph learn to be humble? Will he be rescued? And what part in this will be played by Lusa the owl, who’s really a princess?

The original text is Wilhelm Hauff’s story “Die Geschichte vom Kalif Storch” (The tale of Caliph Storch) , and the libretto is by Rheinberger’s wife, Fanny von Hoffnaass.

Recommended for families with children aged six and over.

Tickets: Band A €36/ B €34/ C €30; box seats €46; MuTh Student Club, children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9