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Donauwellenreiter, Foto: ©Apollonia Bitzan

Departure: Donauwellenreiter (The Danube Surfers) featuring Jasbar
Helmut Jasbar in The MuTh

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This band, with Thomas Castañeda as its driving force alongside the Ladin singer and violinist Maria Craffonara, has already attracted attention through its uncompromising style. The ensemble, which combines folk with minimalism, has also been performing with Helmut Jasbar since 2017. For this concert Jasbar once again takes up his electric guitar. Expect an eye-opening, roof-raising performance, bringing this four-part MuTh cycle to a spectacular close.


  • The Danube Surfers: Donauwellenreiter
  • Voice & violin: Maria Craffonara
  • Piano: Thomas Castañeda
  • Cello: Lukas Lauermann
  • Percussion: Jörg Mikula
  • Electric & acoustic guitar: Helmut Jasbar