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Der Bettelknabe
Where is my homeland? / An Opera by Gerald Wirth and Tina Breckwoldt

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Repeat production “Der Bettelknabe” recounts the story of Joel, a boy from the Land of Morning, and Archduke Albrecht from the Land of Evening. This is an adventure which takes us on an exciting pilgrimage to Palestine and describes the friendship between two people from very different backgrounds. The story is set in the 14th century, a time when heretics and witches were readily sentenced to death at the stake. Since Archduke Albrecht has trouble at home, he sets out with his priest and his jester on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Once in Palestine, they realise that such a journey is extremely perilous. The opera also tells the story of Joel the beggar boy, who is the grandson of a merchant in Palestine. One night, as they are travelling with a caravan, they are overpowered by a gang of robbers. Joel is the only one to escape. To stay safe, he becomes a nameless beggar boy.

What happens next – how Albrecht and Joel meet, and how a sort of friendship develops as a result – is recounted by the Vienna Boys’ Choir in this colourful, thrilling and fast-paced production, staged by the Burgtheater actress Maria Happel and set to music by Gerald Wirth. “Der Bettelknabe” is an opera about inter-faith tolerance and understanding.

Following on from its great success last season, you can now see “Der Bettelknabe” on the MuTh stage once again!

Tickets: Band A €31/ B €28/ C €25; box seats €41 Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Book: Tina Breckwoldt
  • Wardrobe and sets: Sebastian Eckl
  • Conductor: Gerald Wirth
  • Music: Gerald Wirth
  • Director: Maria Happel
  • Wiener Sängerknaben
  • Orchestra: Schubert-Akademie
  • Choir: ProjektChor
  • Wardrobe and sets: Marie Sturminger
  • Wardrobe and sets: Paul Sturminger