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Der Bettelknabe (The Beggar Boy)
A Vienna Boys' Choir Children's Opera / in German language

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Music: Gerald Wirth Text: Tina Breckwoldt Director: Maria Happel Der Bettelknabe (the Begging Boy) tells the story – or stories – of the boy Joel from Palestine and of Archduke Albrecht of Austria. Both have to survive hair-raising adventures before they find their place in life. The opera is set in the Middle Ages, but the subject matter affects us today. “Der Bettelknabe” is a story about tolerance and understanding between religions.

The historical Archduke Albrecht, known to his contemporaries as “Wonder of the World”, ruled in Vienna in the late 14th century. Because of problems at home, he undertakes a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. No mean feat: Albrecht has to cross the Alps and the Mediterranean. Traveling with him are a handful of his best men, as well as his priest and his court jester – the two never agree. Faced with the dangers of the Palestinian desert, Albrecht’s entourage soon loses heart; they really want to turn back. At the same time, Joel and his grandfather Manasse, a merchant, are crossing the desert as part of a caravan headed for Baghdad. One night, the caravan is savagely attacked by robbers, who reduce the camp to ashes. What happens next to Joel and Albrecht is told by the Vienna Boys’ Choir in this colourful, dramatic production.

Suffice it to say, the end has everyone celebrating. Including, of course, the audience.

in German language

Tickets: Band A: € 29  / B €26 / C € 23. Box seats: € 39 Children and young people: A € 20 / B € 15 / C € 9

  • Wolfgang Gratschmaier
  • Dirk Nocker
  • Paul Sturminger
  • Composition: Gerald Wirth
  • Sebastian Eckl
  • Marie Sturminger
  • Conductor: Bomi Kim
  • Director: Maria Happel
  • Wiener Sängerknaben
  • Book: Tina Breckwoldt