Musik & Theater

Der Handschuh (The Glove)
A musical ballad spectacular: some cheerful pieces, and others more dark. Erich Schleyer, with texts by Friedrich Schiller.

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An ode to Schiller. The literary legacy of Friedrich von Schiller is considered one of the most precious jewels in German-speaking culture. Erich Schleyer breathes fresh life into Schiller’s wonderful texts and demonstrates forcefully their relevance to the present day. Music from the Sain Mus duo serves to illustrate the readings and transform the event into a musical ballad spectacular that encompasses cheerful songs and darker pieces. Great literature, dramatic skill and music all come together as kindred spirits.

For those who have only a limited knowledge of Schiller from their German studies, this evening offers an opportunity to discover his true essence. Erich Schleyer’s success lies in his inimitable ability to convey the content of Schiller’s ballads in a way which both entertains and educates. Music especially composed by the Viennese duo Sain Mus (Clemens Sainitzer and Philipp Erasmus) provides an effective backdrop to Friedrich Schiller’s texts.

The evening is sprinkled with interesting items on the background to Schiller’s life and work, which offers a counterbalance to modern-day deterioration in the use of language.