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Die Reise des Kleinen Prinzen Die Reise des Kleinen Prinzen, Foto: Lukas Beck, Bidbearbeitung: Christian Tabakoff

Die Reise des kleinen Prinzen (The Little Prince’s Travels)
An opera for children in four acts, by Gerald Wirth after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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“We can only see properly with our hearts. Our eyes cannot see what is truly important.” Since 1943, when these timeless thoughts were first expressed by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in his affectionate tale “The Little Prince”, they have lost none of their force – quite the contrary! This production — a touching opera for children, which Gerald Wirth has fashioned out of the magical story about the little interplanetary traveller who sets out to find some good friends — has an impact which is equally modern and contemporary.

Here at MuTh, the composer and Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir is bringing a fresh vitality to his 1997 work. This latest version now includes an additional role: a singing narrator played here by the celebrated tenor Michael Schade.