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Die schlimmen Buben in der Schule
by Johann Nepomuk Nestroy - an adaptation by the Wiener Kindertheater

* abgespielt

This piece is performed by children and youngsters aged between 6 and 18 from the Wiener Kindertheater’s advanced course. The cast changes between performances, with over 100 young people taking part.

Nestroy wrote this comedy in 1847, a year before revolution broke out. Today the revolution is history, but the subject of “school” is as relevant now as then. It’s not hard to imagine these scenes taking place in a Vienna middle school – admittedly, not without girls! Nestroy’s school is located in Baron von Wolkenfeld’s castle. The old schoolmaster, Wampl, has a lot of trouble with discipline among his pupils. Over the years, they have not exactly learned a great deal. Despite this, Wampl is looking for promotion. Being corrupt, he tries to ingratiate himself with von Wichtig, the administrator. Things start to happen once the Baron announces his intention to have the children tested at the end of the school year, and soon one escapade follows another …

Tickets: €22/18/14; children and young people €12/10/8