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Die Struwelkinder (The shock-headed children)
A concert by children, for children / A benefit matinee in aid of “möwe” child protection centres.

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Struwelpeter is as an example of the “deterrence” approach to raising children that was used in times past. But what sort of ideas do children develop today, if their upbringing has been free from the use of force? Together with children from the Brigittenau learning workshop, librettist Johanna von der Deken and composer Elisabeth Naske embarked on that very experiment, with “Die Struwwelkinder” created as a result.

Performed together with the Vienna Boys’ Choir, the audience will experience the premiere performance of a work that serves as a declaration in support of a child-raising approach that is in step with the times and free of violence. Developed by children for children, Struwelkinder dispels fear and fosters courage; the courage not to accept violence, and the courage to take a different path, hand-in-hand with other children.

In addition, Vienna’s Superar Orchestra – an organisation that supports children and strengthens their development through the experience of making music together – has also stepped forward in the cause of child protection. This promises to be a family event brimming with musical élan and positive energy.

A benefit matinee in aid of “möwe” child protection centres.

Tickets: 32 € / 29 € / 26 €, box seats 42 €, children and young people 20 € / 15 € / 9 €

  • Superar Orchester Wien
  • Wiener Sängerknaben
  • Music: Elisabeth Naske
  • Text: Johanna von der Deken
  • Moderator: Bernhard Fellinger
  • Piano: Yu Horiuchi
  • Piano: Hyung-ki Joo