Musik & Theater

DJ in the MuTh
Trainer: DJ Andy B. – Ing. Andreas Kalz

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DJ bookings on several continents at events with up to 50,000 visitors. Private parties, festivals, and major sporting events.
Technically trained, plus teaching skills.

Theory section
Development of DJ technology from vinyl records to the MP3 file.
Explanation of different musical genres.
The DJ’s job outline, including stereotypes and fees.
What makes the difference between a Resident DJ and a Star DJ?
Introduction to the job of a DJ.
Technical basics: differences between CD Player, USB stick, and DJ software, and examples of how to use them.
Choice of music, speed matching, scratching.
Legal basics: legal and Illegal downloads, AKM, tax law, etc.

Practical section
Try your hand and test out your feel for music and beat.

Number of participants: 6-15

Tickets: € 15, Children and young people € 12