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Don Ellis Tribute Orchestra feat. Thomas Gansch
Don Ellis Tribute Orchestra. Conductor: Markus Geiselhart / Soloist: Thomas Gansch

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The Don Ellis Tribute Orchestra, conducted by Markus Geiselhart, is Thomas Gansch’s favourite project – and gives you a chance to hear the brilliant music of the trumpeter, composer and bandleader Don Ellis!

In 2008 Markus Geiselhart – together with Thomas Gansch, one of the most individual trumpet players of his generation, and 17 other musical high-flyers, mostly from the Vienna music scene – formed a band with all the power and brilliance that it takes to reproduce the music of Don Ellis’ and do justice to his famous quote: “We take pride in being able to play the shit out of …”

Tickets: € 38; Children and young people: €32.

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