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Drew Sarich & the Endwerk Orchester
Let Him Go (CD presentation)

* abgespielt

A chance to hear the voice of Drew Sarich as he performs “Let Him Go”. In this, his second album as a singer/songwriter, he tells the story of a man who suffers a midlife crisis and runs away. The concert marks the debut performance of this tale of a search for personal freedom. Sarich’s outstanding tenor voice is supported by Endwerk Orchester; the arrangements are full of mystery in places, unreservedly rhythmic in others. Tickets: €31/28/25

  • Vocals, guitar: Christopher Harras
  • Brass, strings: Rainer Gutternigg
  • Woodwind, percussion: Manfred Franzmeier
  • Keyboards, vocals: Erwin Bader
  • Musical direction, drums: Titus Vadon
  • Vocals, percussion: Alexander Horstmann
  • Vocals, guitar: Drew Sarich
  • Vocals, bass: Harald Baumgartner