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Erwin Steinhauer, Foto: Nancy Horowitz

Eine Pilgerfahrt zu Beethoven (A pilgrimage to Beethoven) V
Erwin Steinhauer, Recitation / Florian Krumpöck, Piano

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For the course of an evening, actor Erwin Steinhauer and pianist Florian Krumpöck bring back to Vienna the revolutionary spirit of the unique piano virtuoso and composer from Bonn. This “Pilgrimage to Beethoven” sees the two artists step back to a fateful time in history. In 1789 the French Revolution unleashed seismic political events, and the body of thought contained in the words “Liberty, equality and fraternity” spread across Europe and reshaped European society.

In terms of revolutionary influences, Ludwig van Beethoven was affected not only by political upheavals; indeed, his own revolutionary spirit demolished contemporary musical limitations and, at a time of great turmoil, gave rise to new art of a kind previously unimagined. As well as writing revolutionary works such as his “Eroica” and his only opera “Fidelio”, Beethoven completely upturned the range of expression used in classical piano music, bringing into the concert hall great storms of emotion with works like his “Appassionata”.

Sonata for Piano no. 24 in F sharp major, Op. 78, “À Thérèse”
Sonata for Piano no. 23 in F minor, Op. 57, “Appassionata”

Tickets: Band A €39/ B €35/ C €29; box seats €49; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Recitation: Erwin Steinhauer
  • Piano: Florian Krumpöck