Musik & Theater

A concert for children performed by kindergarten children! A co-production between the Vienna Boys Choir and the Musical Kindergarten

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Songs in many languages, songs you can sing along with, songs you can dance to… magical melodies from a host of different countries, and amazing music to make you dream, to make you laugh…
But – just what is a concert? Who is really giving the concert, and why do we need a theatre and a stage? What happens on this stage, and what goes on behind it…or even beneath it?

All this and much more besides is what we’re going to discover…together with our audience!

Children from the Kindergarten at Obere Augartenstraße 1, 1020 Vienna (MA 10); children from Year 2 of the Vienna Boys’ Choir Primary School

Ticket prices:
Children and young people up to 18: 9 € / 7 € / 5 €
Adults: 15 € / 13 € / 11 €, Box seats: 25 €
Suitable for children aged 3 and over

  • overall concept & moderating: Astrid Walenta
  • trumpet, flugelhorn, musical direction: Lorenz Raab (Trio Bleu)
  • drums, percussion: Rainer Deixler (Trio Bleu)
  • dulcimer, tuba: Ali Angerer (Trio Bleu)
  • musical mediation, production management: Birgit Reithofer
  • primary school video project: Kerstin Paulik