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Foto: Andrea Goertler

Saz´iso Ensemble
Albanian Cultural Festival in Austria 2018

* abgespielt

The music of the SazIso Ensemble, who are appearing here in Austria for the very first time, has its roots in the mountains of Albania. Their music – melancholy folk ballads, played by virtuoso Albanian musicians – must be one of this year’s most exciting discoveries in the World Music genre. It’s high time that this polyphonic style of singing, which is recognised by UNESCO as part of our global cultural heritage, was heard here!

Songs from their current release “At least wave your handkerchief at me”

Tickets: €42/29/18; children and young people €29/18/9

  • Vocals: Donika Pecallari
  • Violin & vocals: Aurel Qirjo
  • Flute, lute & vocals: Pellumb Meta
  • Clarinet: Telando Feto
  • Lute: Agron Murat
  • Frame drum: Agron Nasi