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Erich Schleyer reads Loriot (German language)
„Szenen einer Ehe“ / dazu spielen Sain Mus

* abgespielt

Loriot says: “It’s said that drama has been around for over 2000 years now, and plays often used to last the whole day long. Because of our multifarious modern obligations – our jobs, our families, our leisure commitments – we’re seldom able nowadays to spend several hours concentrating on a piece of theatre. That’s why my dramas rarely if ever exceed five minutes’ duration. They’ve been specially adapted to suit the biorhythms of men – and white mice!” There will be an interval after 45 minutes. The production will then continue for a further 40 minutes. Enjoy the show! Best wishes, Erich Schleyer.

Musical support will be provided by Sain Mus. These two Viennese musicians, Philipp Erasmus and Clemens Sainitzer, have been playing together since 2006, with Clemens on the cello and Philipp on the guitar. Together, they took their first steps towards free music and jazz, and they have developed their own unique language of sound.

Tickets: € 19

  • Sain Mus: Philipp Erasmus
  • Sain Mus: Clemens Sainitzer
  • Erich Schleyer