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Erwin, the natural-born talent
Jointly produced by Volksoper Wien and the Vienna Boys’ Choir

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Erwin lives on the most beautiful island in the South Seas. He loves eating coconut cutlets and Olanna schnitzel, and enjoys making music with his friends, the Jungle Kings. And he loves Rosa, although he doesn’t realise it himself. As far as Erwin is concerned, life could go on like this forever. But one day Professor Hoggins arrives, a dashing explorer who travels the world in search of unusual sounds and noises, and he discovers Erwin’s sensational natural voice. The professor makes Erwin curious about the great wide world, and takes him along: and Erwin becomes a superstar. But is he still as happy as he was before, when he lived on the island?
Mike Svoboda’s Children’s Opera was first performed in Stuttgart in 2005. In this, its Austrian premiere here in MuTh, it is staged in a new production that was created and co-produced by the Volksoper and the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

Ticket prices: Band A 30 € / B 20 € / C 15 €, Box seats 35 €,
Children and young people: A 16 € / B 12 € / C 10 €, Box seats 20 €

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  • lyrics: Manfred Weiß
  • conductor: Gerald Wirth
  • director: Susanne Sommer
  • stage design: Sam Madwar
  • costume: Doris Engl
  • choreography: Florian Hurler
  • dramaturgy: Helene Sommer