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Esa Noche
Music from South America / A Vienna Boys’ Choir production

* abgespielt

The Vienna Boys’ Choir made their first visit to South America and the Caribbean in 1936; they have been visiting the countries of Latin and Central America almost every year since then. In recent years their itinerary has included Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico as well as Peru, where they met with Susana Baca in 2011.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir perform everything from Afro-Peruvian music right through to the tango, Mariachi music and contemporary Pop. Their repertoire includes works by Ariel Ramirez and Astor Piazzolla, as well as Peruvian and Mexican music from the time of the Conquistadors. In a concert today, you might also hear “Esa noche”, a hit by the Mexican band Café Tacuba.

Ticket prices: Band A 27 € / B 24 € / C 21 €, Box seats 37 €
Children and young people: A 20 € / B 15 € / C 9 €

  • capellmeister: Manolo Cagnin
  • artistic director: Gerald Wirth