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Eva Reiter – The Lichtenberg Figures
For voice, 11 instruments and electronics. Based on texts by Ben Lerner (2014/2015). A WIEN MODERN production.

* abgespielt

Premiere performance

Composition commissioned by WIEN MODERN and Ictus

In her latest work, Eva Reiter deals with the rich, almost limitless diversity to be found in the human voice, at the same time allowing the ensemble’s instrumentation to become a voice in its own right. Her compositional work is characterised by explorations of the sharp divide between acoustic and electronic music. In “The Lichtenberg Figures” she draws on patterns from the world of physics.

On 7th December the concert will be broadcast by Radio Ö1 in theit “Zeit-Ton” programme.

Tickets: €19 €; free choice of seating

  • Juliet Fraser
  • Nico De Rooij
  • Alex Fostier
  • Georges-Elie Octors
  • Djana Covic [SIDF]