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Exhibitions by Patrick Schmierer and Thomas Draschan

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Patrick Schmierer was born in 1972, in Schärding, Upper Austria.
Set against the background of digital socialisation, the Retro movement has been flirting with a return to the analogue Polaroid photograph. Here this idea is taken to the extreme: in these paintings the Polaroid is used as both format and subject, thereby subverting any attempt to categorise as either analogue or digital. What drives this process is the joy of experimentation. Function becomes theme, and thus the material itself — painted, constructed, artistically assembled, and presented in a variety of styles — is far more than just material. It becomes a constellation, a reference, in the form of images and sculpture. (Text: Dr Johannes Jetschgo)

Exhibition in MuTh from 18th September to 31st January 2019

Thomas Draschan /Montages and collages

Thomas Draschan was born in1967. He lives and works in Vienna and Berlin. Draschan studied with Peter Kubelka at the Städelschule in Frankfurt and at the Cooper Union in New York. His film work has been shown internationally, including at numerous festivals. For several years he has been transferring his cinematographic techniques into a two-dimensional environment, producing collages out of found materials such as postcards and magazines.

Exhibition in Café Maximilian in MuTh from 18th September to 18th December 2018