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Matthias Schorn, Alexander Maurer, Stefan Prommegger, Alexander Neubauer / ©

Faltenradio: LANDFLUCHT (Leaving the countryside for the city)
Focus on the clarinet / Matthias Schorn in the MuTh/ Faltenradio

“Yes”, say the four musicians who make up Faltenradio, “Like all proper clarinettists, we country bumpkins started out playing traditional brass folk music.” Now Faltenradio take to the MuTh stage with their latest programme, which takes as its subject:

LANDFLUCHT (Leaving the countryside for the city)
– and yes,
the local priest recognised our talent and sent us off to study in the big city
– and yes,
whenever we felt homesick, we played our music
– and yes,
many great compositions have their roots in folk music
– and yes,
it’s fair to say that many a fine tune has been lifted from under the hat of a country bumpkin
– and no,
that practice hasn’t stopped yet
– and yes,
in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Works by Keith Jarrett, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Hannes Wader, Friedrich Gulda, John Williams, Bela Bartok, Michael Lowenstern, Robert Schumann, Ludwig Hirsch and many more.

Tickets: Band A €39/ B €35/ C €29; box seats €49
MuTh Student Club, Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Band: Faltenradio
  • Styrian Harmonica, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet: Alexander Maurer
  • Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Basset HornStyrian Harmonica, : Stefan Prommegger
  • Clarinet, Basset Horn, Vocals: Alexander Neubauer
  • Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Vocals: Matthias Schorn