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Fest der Stimmen
A Vienna Young Philharmonic production / Gioachino Rossini Stabat Mater

* abgespielt

Fine singing, dramatic verve and theatrical effects – the Master of Pesaro once more channelled all of his musical abilities into this, one of his final works, dressed this time in a new, spiritual form: arias, a-cappella choirs and a large, impressive orchestration which swept the audience away from the very first performance. Conductor Michael Lessky brings a top-quality ensemble of young soloists and the foremost choir in Udine from Italy, the homeland of vocal music, to MuTh, here in Vienna. Gioachino Rossini “Stabat Mater”

Ticket prices: Band A 27 € / B 24 € / C 21 €, Box seats 37 € Children and young people: A 20 € / B 15 € / C 9 €

  • conductor: Michael Lessky