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Four evenings with the Bartolemeys
„ECHT SCHRÄG“ - Marlene Mit Ursula Strauss und dem Duo BartolomeyBittmann

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“Was zählt, ist der Augenblick” (“It’s the moment that counts”) is not only the title of a book on the Viennese musical dynasty, the Bartolomeys; it also provides the title for the cycle which Franz and Matthias Bartolomey have prepared for MuTh. When it comes to genres, the Bartolomeys sometimes depart from the apparent severity of the classics – a severity which is no more than perceived – and provide compelling evidence that the cello can also create a beguiling symbiosis of sound when paired with the temperamental passions of the Tango Nuevo or the complex spontaneity of Jazz. As well as highlights for the classical trio or sextet formations, incorporating artists who have been partners of the Bartolomeys for many years, one “truly rad” evening with Österreichs ParadeFernsehkommissarin will lead the classical music tradition in fresh directions, pairing it with the grooves – and at times, even the rock sounds – of the improvisational jazz aesthetic. Ois Oage – truly rad and Jazz

  • cello: Matthias Bartolomey
  • violin & tenor mandola: Klemens Bittmann
  • singer & narrator: Ursula Strauss

„Selten hat man Streicher gehört , die sich so lustvoll dem Groove hingeben. Bartolomey und Bittmann bringen jene musikalische Tugenden leichtfüssig auf den Punkt, die man üblicherweise nicht mit klassischen Instrumenten verbindet: Unbändige Spiellust und radikalen Rhythmus.“ - Wolfgang Muthspiel