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Franziska Maderthaner: About Men and Horses
Exhibition/ Modulart in the MuTh

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As part of the ongoing successful collaboration between MuTh and the modulart gallery, two series of works created by contemporary artist Franziska Maderthaner can be viewed in the Foyer from 3rd October 2020 to 31st January 2021: “Playing Painter” – portraits of actors in the guise of famous painters – and “Questions on European Painting”. This confronts and challenges an established genre within classical European painting, namely the subject of the horse.

Franziska Maderthaner’s work is a form of “fluid meta-painting”. In her paintings, the artist interweaves the representational with abstract expressionism. Faces, animals, still lifes, objects and scenes from everyday culture — all spring forth out of Maderthaner’s loud colours and radical marks. The longer the viewer studies the works, the more they find that traditional pictorial meanings and viewing conventions begin to blur and merge.

The exhibition is curated by Joe Messner. The  modulart gallerist exhibits his artists’ works to reflect “that spirit of modernity and relevance to our times which is central to the DNA of MuTh”, explains Elke Hesse, Director of the MuTh.

Exhibition dates: 3rd October 2020 to 31st January 2021
Free admission. Exhibition open during MuTh opening times.

  • Painter: Franziska Maderthaner