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Wiener Sängerknaben, Foto: Lukas Beck

Friday Afternoons 2018/19
Concert by the Vienna Boys' Choir / A Vienna Boys' Choir/Mondial production

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In 1498, when Maximilian I. relocated his court music to Vienna and decreed that the musicians should include six boy singers, it probably didn’t occur to him that, over the following 500 years, this ensemble would grow to an institution comprising four travelling choirs and a hundred boy choristers.

Travelling forms part of the education of the Vienna Boys’ Choir; as they rack up the miles, they collect music on their way. And you can hear this music first-hand at MuTh, in these ”Friday Afternoons” sessions. They perform their travelling repertoire with an exuberant charm, presenting a range that stretches from the medieval to the modern: not only Haydn and Schubert, but Broadway hits and Michael Jackson too. And the arrangements are varied as well; a capella, with piano accompaniment, with drums or with an orchestra.

The MuTh concert hall’s architecture and acoustic guarantee you an unforgettable experience. The audience are seated right in the middle of the music-making, and the choristers’ enthusiasm is highly contagious.

Tickets: Band A €69/ B €49/ C €39; box seats €89
Children and young people bis 18: €25/ €20/ €15

  • Choir: Vienna Boys' Choir
  • Artistic Director: Gerald Wirth
  • Conductor: Manolo Cagnin
  • Conductor: Jimmy Chiang
  • Conductor: Luiz de Godoy
  • Conductor: Oliver Stech