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Wiener Sängerknaben, Foto: Lukas Beck

Friday Afternoons 2018
A Vienna Boys' Choir/Mondial production - choral singing from around the world

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In 1498, when Emperor Maximilian I moved his court music ensemble to Vienna and decreed that the musicians should include six boy singers, he probably never dreamed that five hundred years later this group would have grown into an institution comprising four travelling choirs and a hundred boy singers.

Travelling forms part of the Vienna Boys’ Choir’s education; while on the road, the choristers rack up the miles and gain musical experience. And you can hear theis music in the “Friday Afternoons” sessions at MuTh. Here they perform their travelling repertoire – a broad swathe which stretches from the medieval to the modern, taking in Schubert, the hits of Broadway, and Michael Jackson. The presentation  has a lot of variety too; they sing a capella, with piano accompaniment, to a percussion backing, or with an orchestra, and their cheeky boyish charm is always evident.

The architecture and the acoustic of our theatre make for an unforgettable concert experience: the audience sits right in the middle of the music, and the young choristers’ enthusiasm is highly infectious.

Tickets: Band A €69/ B €49/ C €39; box seats €89
Children and young people up to the age of 18: €25/ €20/ €15