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Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell

From sickness to death – music for eternity
A talk (in German language) in the MuTh studio

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It is always worth taking a closer look at the marvel that was Franz Schubert. The thirteenth child of a teacher, he began composing when he was just twelve years old. He wrote 600 Lieder, and was thus known as “the Lieder prince”. But he composed much more besides, including Masses of the finest quality. How did he physically manage to produce such a volume of work? We take a look at his chamber music and his later works (the Mass in E flat major, his piano sonatas, quartets and quintets), his health problems (alcohol, obesity, syphilis), his death from typhus, and his bequest to posterity.

  • Moderator and host: Michael Sprinzl