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Aniada a Noar, Foto: Alex-Schrattenthaler Aniada a Noar, Foto: Alex-Schrattenthaler

From Teigitschgraben to Tehran
Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime) with "Aniada a Noar"

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For the Austrian cult group “Aniada a Noar“ (whose name in the original sounds like “Every one an idiot”), music is the world. So the term “world music” is not too far-fetched in their case. The musicians live in Styria. But in the wonderful songs of Aniada a Noar, this is a place that borders on Slovenia, Friuli, Hungary, France, Ireland, Sweden… Of course, humour is always  to be found in the work of the “Noars“, but there is also profundity and sadness. Just like in life itself.

Tickets: €16; box seats €24; senior citizens €13; children, young people and wheelchair users €8

  • Band: Aniada a Noar
  • Flute, nose flute, bagpipes, piffero, accordion, vocals: Wolfgang Moitz
  • Fiddle, mandolin, Jew’s harp, musical saw, vocals: Andreas Sager
  • Concertina, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals: Bertl Pfundner