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Artemis Quartett, Foto: Nikolaj Lund

From the Classics to the Tango Nuevo
Artemis Quartet with Runge&Ammon:

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Expect a fine evening with a wide range of music, held to raise funds for Vienna Rotary Club scholarship holders in Bosnia and Africa.

Haydn’s Reiterquartett includes one of the finest adagios written by any classical composer; and the Artemis Quartet, founded in Lübeck in 1989 and now based in Berlin, are worthy interpreters of this movement. The standard of their playing is equally evident in the “Bartók-Pizzicato”. In this piece the strings are not just lightly plucked, but at times also pulled with such force that they strike the fingerboard – highly skilled playing and percussion combined!

The folk-imbued flavours of Bartók’s music provide an excellent foretaste to the second part of this fundraising concert. Cello virtuoso Eckart Runge and his partner Jacques Ammon on piano present their JazzTangoNuevo programme, which as the name suggests, promises Argentinian rhythms and more.

All tickets: €65

  • Quartet: Artemis Quartet
  • Violin: Vineta Sareika
  • Violin: Anthea Kreston
  • Viola: Gregor Sigl
  • Cello & Moderator: Eckart Runge
  • Duo: Runge&Ammon
  • Piano: Jacques Ammon