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Trio Frühstück, Fotocredit: Moritz Schell

Frühstück with a difference
Clara Frühstück in the MuTh

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The idiosyncratic sounds of Bernhard Gander and Gerald Resch are followed by Ferdinand Schmalz’s writing, literature which explores the very depths of human experience. With a programme like this, the only guarantee is that things will not turn out as expected. The fact that the texts and music complement and animate each other is all credit to the women players of the Trio Frühstück, who have shown a love of the absurd in bringing together these three very different artists. Music by Joseph Haydn will feature in between.

Excerpts from Joseph Haydn’s Piano Trios
Bernhard Gander: “schlechtecharakterstücke” (pieces on bad character traits) for piano trio
Gerald Resch: Composition for Trio Frühstück (premiere performance of this commissioned work)

Tickets: Band A €30/ B €25/ C €20; box seats €40
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9