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Ganz Schön Bunt
Spritbuam celebrations at MuTh

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Spritbuam comprises three former Vienna Boys’ Choir choristers and a virtuoso tuba soloist. They have a personable, open-hearted manner which has a way of spreading pure joy around the concert hall. Using wordplay and a sizeable chunk of charm, they craft elegant lyrics full of wit and satire and wrap them in simple, catchy tunes. Their brand of “Sprit-Pop” aims to break down that timeworn pattern of black-and-white genre thinking.

Spritbuam’s first album “Ganz Schön Bunt” gave a detailed panorama of their ingenious musical vision. The personal associations that link each of these musicians to the MuTh stage and the Vienna Boys’ Choir promise a superb evening, featuring some wonderful musical guests and unique interpretations.

Tickets: €25; schoolchildren and students: €15

  • Vocals, Spritmachine: Stefan Bleiberschnig
  • Vocals, guitar: Christoph Bleiberschnig
  • Vocals, accordeon: Matthias Liener
  • Die Spritbuam
  • Tuba, vocals: Martin Eckmann