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Garufa! Vintage
A Retro-Comedy-Tango-World-Music Show

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When Garufa! strike up the first notes of a piece, the audience has no way of knowing what will happen in the next few minutes. These four musicians are not only masters of their craft; they play other instruments as well, and they sing together wonderfully. The fact that they are also first-class comedians is what makes Garufa! so distinctive.

In “Vintage”, the musicians deal with the music and culture of Austria, their adopted homeland. Garufa! take their theme as “every bygone age was better then now”. In their performance, they address one period of musical history in particular  – in the way that they imagine it. The four of them are not especially concerned with historical accuracy,  and this results in some highly entertaining ambiguity.

Tickets: € 30/25/20

  • vocal: Oscar Moreira
  • guitar: Ignacio Giovanetti
  • double bass: Felipe Medina
  • violin: Alejandro Loguercio