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Domestic drama after Henrik Ibsen / adapted by Sebastian Kranner

* abgespielt

This is the very first production by “Augentheater der Zukunft”, a theatre group founded by 17 year-old Sebastian Kranner. They are bringing their adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s famous domestic drama, which was first performed in 1882, to the MuTh stage. The young company is predominantly composed of students from the Senior Class of the Vienna Boys’ Choir High School.
Frau Alving has mixed feelings when her son Osvald returns home after two years abroad. And a visit from Pastor Manders makes her wonder whether the feelings she held for him many years ago were more than just friendship. When Osvald has an affair with Regine, a servant girl, a complex web of relationships is torn apart by love, hate, repressed sexuality and mistrust.
Here is a different take on Ibsen, skilfully presented by a talented young team.
Tickets: Adults: €20; school pupils/ students €12




  • Production: Sebastian Kranner
  • Staging, music, video and lighting design: Sebastian Kranner
  • Director's assistant: Isabelle Papst
  • Director's assistant, prompt: Marie Kemper
  • Costume assistant: Lea L. Witeschnik
  • Costume assistant: Lioma Libardi
  • Frau Helene Alving: Rebecca Richter
  • Osvald, her son: Johanna Kaltenegger
  • Pastor Mendes: Hannah Rehrl
  • Regine Engstrand (a servant in the Alving household): Jana Pree