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Gold Gold, Foto: Christoph Kalscheuer

Opera for children by Leonard Evers / A guest production by Jungen Oper Stuttgart in collaboration with Wiener Taschenoper

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There are only two actors on the stage. But the story, which they relate in catchy, jazz-flavoured tunes, says it all. Ultimately, it’s about the meaning of life.

After all, who wouldn’t like to have a fish that could grant your every wish? Shoes. A house. A palace with servants; a beach edged with palms; endless pizza and chips. And this is what actually happens to young Jacob and his parents. Everything can be so much finer, bigger, better … Inspired by the fairy tale of “The fisherman and his wife”, author Flora Verbrugge and composer Leonard Evers have written a poetic, profound opera for children on the theme of good fortune.

Libretto by Flora Verbrugge, after the Brothers Grimm

Translated into German by Barbara Buri

Musical Director: Till Drömann

Director: Jörg Behr

Staging: Line Sexauer

Costumes: Kerstin Hägele

Jacob: Philipp Nicklaus

Percussion: Marta Klimasara