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Kammersänger Herbert Lippert, Foto: Michael Poehn Kammersänger Herbert Lippert_Foto: Michael Poehn

Gustav Mahler: Song of the Earth
Chamber music concert featuring Herbert Lippert (tenor), Karl-Michael Ebner (tenor ), and Pavel Kachnov (piano)

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The University of Vienna’s Confucius Institute presents a concert of chamber music, designed to remind us in these times of global challenges about the importance of, and the need for, cross-cultural bridges. Gustav Mahler’s “Song of the Earth” was inspired by Hans Bethge’s poetic translations of classical Chinese verse. Set within the musical context of the Western tradition, the poems of Li Bai, Wang Wei and other poets of the Tang Dynasty (c. 8th-10th century) provided a stimulus for Mahler’s own meditations during a difficult period in his life. The performances of tenors Herbert Lippert and Karl-Michael Ebner are prefaced by some explanatory comments from the sinologist Richard Trappl.

Gustav Mahler: Song of the Earth (piano edition)

Standard tickets: €25
Children and young people, up to 18 years: €18

  • Tenor: Herbert Lippert
  • Tenor: Karl-Michael Ebner
  • Piano: Pavel Kachnov
  • Introduction: Richard Trappl