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Hay Fever (German language)
A three-act comedy by Noël Coward

* abgespielt

Young performers from the Vienna Kindertheater
Directed by: Clara Wolfram and Felix Hoyos

This year, young performers from the Vienna Children’s Theatre return to the stage with a self-directed piece. In other words, they are organising, rehearsing, and staging the production all by themselves.
A typical English drawing-room comedy: The Bliss family are enjoying life. Sorel, the eccentric nineteen-year-old daughter, is reading. Simon is painting, while David, the father, sits in his study, and Judith Bliss, the lady of the house, is in the garden, rehearsing a challenging role. But each family member is only pretending to be balanced and calm. In reality, each one is anxiously awaiting a guest they have invited for the weekend, someone the others know nothing about. The guests have barely arrived before they are drawn into the Bliss family’s disputes and dramas. The effect is both entertaining and the stuff of nightmares. Traditional upper-class figures meet brilliant artists, and the question is: Can anyone of an artistic temperament get along with people who see tennis and silver tea sets as the finest things in life?

Tickets: € 15; Children and young people:€9