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Hier klingt Wien (The Sound of Vienna) / A musical map of Vienna Author’s book presentation by Rupert Schöttle
Author’s book presentation by Rupert Schöttle

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“Hier klingt Wien” has been published by Gmeiner-Verlag as part of their “Lieblingsplätze zum Entdecken” (Favourite places to discover) series. In the book, Rupert Schöttle demonstrates his extensive specialist knowledge and a love of curious detail as he describes his personal selection of “places worth hearing” in Vienna. In the process, he reaches a noteworthy conclusion: whether it’s church music or underground, operas or musicals, Vienna still sounds wonderful, and continues to deserve its rightful reputation as the “global capital of music”.

The book’s contents are sorted into various categories (opera, classical concerts, museum, operetta, jazz, rock, and folk). The emphasis is on places in Vienna where there is still something to be seen today. Are you familiar with the aberrations in Joseph Haydn’s skull? Did you know that Arnold Schönberg had a fear of the number 13? Or that Zarah Leander began her career in an operetta entitled “Axel an der Himmelstür” (Axel at the gates of heaven)? Let the purple rabbit lead you into a magical world of jazz and design. In this book you will find lots of places which underscore Vienna’s oft-quoted reputation as the “global capital of music”, ranging from sacred and classical music to a vibrant underground scene.

Author Rupert Schöttle was born in Mannheim. His studies soon led him to Vienna, the “global capital of music”, where he immediately felt at home. Besides playing for 30 years as a freelancer in the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic, he followed his degree in Concert Cello by studying music sociology at Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts. Despite his in-depth knowledge of the local music scene, Schöttle still uncovered plenty of surprises while researching this book.

  • Rupert Schöttle