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A Concert of Classical Music from Japan & Europe / A Vienna Boys' Choir Production

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The Vienna Boys’ Choir has been making regular visits to the Land of the Rising Sun since 1955. At that time they were among the first Western artists to tour Japan. A feature film was made in1959, and in the same year a concert in Sapporo drew an audience of 50,000. The Choir has returned every year since then, and has been enthusiastically received on each occasion. “Japan feels like home”, they say.

Before each tour, they study Japanese song in all its forms – classical, traditional, pop music, film music, snappy numbers and meditative ballads. In this concert at MuTh, the Choir will showcase the music which they are taking to Japan this year. As well as “Fulusato” and (of course) “Sakula”, the programme also includes Yoko Kanno’s melancholic “Hana wa saku” (“The flowers are in bloom”) and “Hikokigumo”, the theme from Hayo Miyazaki’s latest film Kazetachinu. Composer Yumi Arai penned this song when she was just sixteen. The “bands of cloud” in the song are the vapour trails of aircraft. The ballad describes a girl’s skyward flight  – this is how Arai processed the death of a classmate.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir will be accompanied on koto, shakuhachi and jûshichigen, traditional Japanese instruments which will guarantee that special atmosphere for which MuTh is known.

Tickets: Band A €27  / B €24  / C €21 ; Box seats €37
Children and young people: A €20  / B €15  / C €9

  • capellmeister: Jimmy Chiang
  • artistic director: Gerald Wirth