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Im Riff geht’s rund! (On the reef!)
A children’s musical

* abgespielt

Based on an idea by Gerhard A. Meyer and Gerhard and Ulrike Weiler
Arranged for the Vienna Boys’ Choir Private Primary School by Arnold Schlechter and Markus Semelliker

All the sea-dwellers are getting ready for “Frutti di Mare”, an exciting talent show. Elsi, the cheerful blowfish, together with a number of brightly coloured parrot fish and many other sea creatures, is rehearsing hard. Who will win? Who can sing and dance the best?
Suddenly, up pops Flapo. He has some important news. Sadly, no-one listens to him. Then the big round jellyfish appear, along with the herring (who is very well-connected) and the wise Doctor Fish. Can they help?

Sometimes in life it can easily go like that. But sometimes it’s worth listening to what other people have to say. And soon the merry sea-dwellers come to realise this too. Can what Flapo has to say help to save the reef?

Tickets: €15/13/11, box seats €25
Children and young people: €9/7/5