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In My Heart Of Hearts
Ulrich Drechsler Trio

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The music of prize-winning bass clarinettist Ulrich Drechsler always has at its core the simple beauty of sound and emotion. His new trio comprises clarinet, piano, and the mystical oriental short-necked lute, the oud. This intimate line-up enables Drechsler to express everything which is both important and essential for him in music: intimacy, space, passion and love.

Three true magicians of sound – Ulrich Drechsler, the Syrian oud virtuoso Orwa Saleh and legendary Austrian pianist Christoph Cech – meet as equals for an artistic conversation which knows no boundaries.

Tickets: € 22; Children and young people: € 15

  • Oud: Orwa Saleh
  • Bass clarinet an d Basset horn: Ulrich Drechsler
  • Piano: Christoph Cech