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Innehalten Innehalten, Wiener Sängerknaben, Foto: Lukas Beck

Innehalten (Pause for Reflection) – Power in society
149th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth / Wiener Sängerknaben / Klaus Schwertner

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The Innehalten cycle offers audiences the rare opportunity to hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir perform their core repertoire in a place other than Vienna’s Burgkapelle. This evening’s theme is “Power in society” with a focus on Mahatma Gandhi, whose passive resistance set India free and left a deep impression on the world.

Make a commitment to honour his 149th birthday with the Vienna Boys’ Choir and Klaus Schwertner, the General Secretary of Caritas Wien.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Missa brevis in B flat major, KV 275, “Loretomesse” (1777)

Tickets: €35/ €30/ €25, box seats €45; Student Club, children and young people: €20/ €15/ €9

  • Choir: Vienna Boys' Choir
  • Orchestra: Schubert-Akademie
  • Conductor: Jimmy Chiang
  • Introduction: Klaus Schwertner