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It should stay engraved on my heart till the final days of mankind
A reading by Justus Neumann / texts by Nestroy and Karl Kraus

* abgespielt

I love to read Nestroy and Kraus.
My involvement with the two of them goes back over many years, and during this time I’ve learned much, and started to think about a lot of new issues – I’ve realised the need to cut down, to eliminate the superfluous – the overstated fripperies – not just on the stage, but in life as well.

I’ve learned to go beyond my personal fears and vanities and to reflect that power which comes from the simple, the straight and the direct – and, not least, to create a moment in time that comes so close to the character being played that they become believable, accessible, and human.
I can do nothing more than invite you to join me in experiencing once again:

• the most brutal thoughts of the warrior
• the most bourgeois problems in love
• the villains’ most fantastic surface water handling trials
• the most divinely gifted philosophies of non-habitual drunkards
• the mimosa plants’ most melancholy suicidal thoughts
• the most dismal hands that ever manipulated children
• the cheerful, jocular firing squad that kills beloved uncles
and finally
• the impudence of a weak and wavering God

…and to share the experience with me at such close quarters that – just at that very moment, there in the concert hall – a common energy will arise, and deliver such a powerful uppercut to all those who are shallow – superficial – uncritical – lazy – corrupt – conformist – outdated in their thinking, or devoid of love – that they are scattered across the nations and disappear into oblivion.

But I’m deceiving myself, even in this hope. And that always makes me angry – with myself.