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Jorinde (In German)
A Wiener Taschenoper production, co-produced by Musiktheater Linz

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A sorcerer abducted some children, whom he now keeps captive in his old castle. Will they be able to free themselves from his evil spell?

This children’s opera, freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm fairytale Jorinde and Joringel, is a gripping story about friendship, courage and self-determination.

Tickets: Band A €35/ B €32/ C €29; box seats €45; Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9
School groups: €5 per child

  • Music: Maria Gstättner
  • Libretto: Hans Echnaton Schano
  • Stage Direction: Azelia Opak
  • Set Design / Costume Design: Aleksander Kaplun
  • Light Design: Jürgen Erntl
  • Jorinde: Katharina Adamcyk
  • Joringel: Jakob Pejcic
  • Sorcerer: Johannes Schwendinger
  • Abducted Children: Chor des Akademischen Gymnasiums
  • Bassoon, Contrabassoon : Maria Gstättner
  • Percussion: David Pranzl
  • E-guitar, Synthesizer: Martin Siewert
  • Cello: Melissa Coleman