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Josef Nöbauer
Exhibition at MuTh

* abgespielt

“The images of voices – overdimensioned pencil drawings by Josef Nöbauer – show singers at the moment of creating vocal sounds. As if struck by a motion, it seems that the inaudible can suddenly be heard. Whether its a view of an open mouth with its two rows of flawless teeth, or a female singer transposed by collage into an architectural setting, or a Don Giovanni vocalist linked to a tiny bird by a string of pearls stretching more than two metres in length, the artist Josef Nöbauer, working with an obsessive energy in his drawing, creates – in the form of a composition stretched out over two dimensions, draughted to the highest standards of perfection – a space for us to listen. His continual seriousness is always held in check by an ironic gesture. His pictures have no need of music to illustrate them.”  Herbert Lachmayer, Da Ponte Institute, Vienna