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Josephinchen Mongolinchen (in German)
and the world stands upside-down

* abgespielt

Did you know Josefinchen? No? Come along with us. It’s not far. Just a short hop across one of nature’s diversions. Ok … you do have to go up to Heaven, but I promise you, the trip is worth it. It would make a game show of its own. A crown. A selfie. A fall … and all that in just one piece of theatre … how did that come about? Josefinchen knows.

Performing as a tribute to the memory of Marjolijn van Klaveren, the T21BÜNE ensemble, inspired by Dolf Verroen’s book “Josefientje mongolientje”, once again show us the world from a different perspective. This time it’s a view from above …way up above.

A T21BÜNE ensemble production

Tickets: €38/ €25/ €19
Children and young people: €20/ €15/ €9

  • Director: Bea Vavken
  • Music: Kyrre Kvam
  • Book: Billy Vavken