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Kamfu mir helfen?
Funny animal stories from the zoo and other places / the Baole Quintet & Chris Pichler / In German

* abgespielt

Chris Pichler tells us of an elephant who has twisted his trunk, and about a very slothful sloth; she gives voice to a cheeky frog (who outwits two poetry-writing monkeys), and bring to life other animals from the zoo and elsewhere.

Musical accompaniment is provided by the Baole Wind Quintet. They bring along flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn – then they go hunting with Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf”, give a skilful rendition of Alexander Zemlinsky’s “Humoreske”, and go wandering through the zoo with Luicio Berio. All these characters and their adventures come to life amid a great deal of fun and enthusiasm.

Staged in collaboration with the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (concert tickets are valid for free entry to the Schönbrunn Tiergarten for a child accompanied by an adult)ein Kind in Begleitung eines Erwachsenenein Kind in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen


Part 1
• Peter and the Wolf – Sergei Prokofiev


Part 2
• Das Faultier (The Sloth) – Paul Maar
• Humoreske – Zemlinsky
• Wie Kukuk und der Affe Schlevian untereinander einen Dichterwettstreit austrugen (How Kukuk the monkey and Schlevian the monkey held a poetry competition) – Paul Maar
• Opus no Zoo – Lugio Berio
• Kamfu mir helfen? (Cab you helb me?) – Dirk & Barbara Schmidt

Adults € 20
Children and young people € 15

  • bassoon: David Seidel
  • clarinet: Daniel Ottensamer
  • oboe: Herbert Maderthaner
  • flute: Matthias Schulz
  • horn: Jonas Yo Rudner